Monday, March 19, 2018

IHSW Report - a Finish and the Frog

I did manage to finish Part 3 of this stitch-a long this past weekend, but there was no progress at all on Part 4!  None, nada, zilch!  I stitched on part 4 all day Sunday, and on Monday, I unstitched all of it!  All. Of. It.  I love stitching over 1, but frogging over 1 is the pits!

Friday, March 16, 2018


It is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend again (third weekend of the month).  I have some appointments and errands on Friday, and German School on Saturday, but I plan to stitch for most of the weekend after that.  Check back on Monday to see what I have accomplished.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WIP Wednesday 3-14-2018

This is Pacific Heart by Nanci Cucci.  I took the class last March, and it hasn't seen the light of ay since.  Pulled it out today and got two more sections done!  I love working on Nanci's designs, so I need to get this one finished soon.  I am taking another of her heart classes in June.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Part 2 is Done!

Part 2 didn't take as long as part one.  Love how this is turning out, love the floss colors, but not really happy with the quality of the floss.  I am using Valdani floss that I purchased as a set of 12 colors, originally intended for a fall quaker.  It came as little balls of 3 stranded cotton floss, and since I am stitching 1 strand over 1 fabric thread on 25 count, it made sense. 

Well, on the first section, the burgundy colored floss knotted a lot, and I do mean a lot!  On the second band, it just kept shredding!  I changed needles in case the eye of the needle wasn't smooth enough, I then changed the size of the needle to open up the fabric a little more so the floss didn't rub against the fibres in the fabric, but nothing seemed to help.  I did use shorter lengths of floss than normal, but it still kept shredding.  We will see what happens with the third color.....

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Another Fin-EE!

This is part 1 of the 2017 Linens & Threads Mystery Sampler.  Yes, I am a bit behind, but hush, better late than never! 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

WIP Wednesday 3-7-2018

This is actually as WISP (work in slow progress).  It was started in February of 2006 as a stitch-a-long with two stitching friends.  The plan was to stitch on it for 10 hours each month.  Denise never did get hers started, and Nancy made some good progress early on, but found she had a huge counting error and abandoned the project soon thereafter.  For some time, I did get my 10 hours in almost each month, but then other projects needed attention and it stood in the corner for some time.  The last time I remember working on it was April 2016....until today.  I should have about 30 hours of stitching left.....wish me luck!  I want it done and off my WISP list!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

This Weekend's Baking

While shopping this week, I found strawberries on sale or a very good price, so I was inspired to make this dessert that I remembered from my childhood trip to Germany.  I have made it before, but not for a number of years.  The recipe for the sponge cake makes two, and I have two pans, so I made two cakes.  I had a lot of volunteers at German School this Saturday, so the two cakes were gobbled up in not time!